Women’s Empowerment Breakthrough is a non-profit project  (501(c)3) of Prescott College. We began in 2003 with the WEB conference, but have expanded our outreach to include year-round programming.

Our ongoing programs include…

The WEB Conference: Every spring, 70 teenage girls gather on Mingus Mountian for a fun weekend getaway. Our aim is to provide young women with the knowledge, community, and support that they need to gain self-confidence, develop their sense of self, and build community.

Gravity Girls Circus Camp: A weeklong camp that helps young women build confidence and solidarity with other young women through circus arts.

Kenya Dig It?: WEB has partnered with the Nabolu Girl’s Centre in Narok, Kenya to collaborate on projects and facilitate a unique cultural exchange between teenage girls from the U.S. and young women in the Maasai community.

The Teen Advisory Council (TAC): TAC gives teen girls a leadership role in Women’s Empowerment Breakthrough. From helping plan WEB programming and hosting fundraisers to doing research that helps create change for youth in our community, TAC plays a crucial role within WEB.

Go to our “Programs” section to find out more!


Recently one of our most devoted volunteers, Amber Cricket Harrington, died in January of 2015 in a tragic bike accident.  Shortly after, a WEB alum, Kayla Mueller died while being held hostage in Syria.  This year’s WEB Conference will be a tribute to both of these amazing women.  Cricket wanted to make a video for WEB detailing all the different types of work that we do.  We recently received a copy of this video.  We hope you enjoy it, scroll past the pictures to see the video.

DSC_0416 10994041_797861886949369_1760793540262884785_n


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