Kenya Dig It?

IMG_0888The Kenya Dig It? Project brings together teenage girls from Arizona, USA and teenage girls from Maasailand, Kenya to participate in collaborative and cross-cultural educational projects with the intention of cultivating community while addressing social justice issues that affect women and girls. Kenya Dig It affirms that culturally competent, collaborative, and active education may be the most effective and sustainable approach to empower our youth today in their efforts to bring about positive social change for the future.

Over the last three years, WEB has built a partnership with the Nabolu Girls Centre, a grassroots effort of Maasai people of southern Kenya to provide a safe place for Maasai girls who are seeking to avoid early marriage, and in conflict with their families over that desire. The Nabolu Girl’s Centre believes that with support Maasai girls can maintain their cultural pride and obligation while pursuing an empowering education. The Nabolu Girl’s Centre brings this belief to fruition by providing girls with a safe place to seek educational resources, scholarships, support, family reconcilliation, and shelter if necessary. Nabolu is a Maasai word that means to ‘open the future;’ through innovative Maasai run programming The Nabolu Girl’s Centre not only opens the future for Maasai girls, but it also opens the future for their communities.                                                                                               IMG_1084

Each Summer, WEB provides scholarships to two local teenage girls to travel to Kenya in July for three weeks to collaborate with Maasai youth at the Nabolu Girls Center on educational projects that are mutually beneficial, advocate for the rights of young women, and instill in them a sense of commitment to the betterment of their local and global communities.

The Kenya Dig It? Project has emerged through the partnered efforts of Women’s Empowerment Breakthrough, the Nabolu Girls Centre in Narok, Kenya, and the Maasai Community Partnership Project of Prescott College and Maasai communities.