Continued Workshop Series

In collaboration with local teens, community members and Prescott College students and faculty, WEB hosts various workshops throughout the school year. The workshops cover a broad range of topics that are directly requested by our participants and by consulting surveys that are administered in high-schools and at during WEB’s Annual Conference. 

Examples of Past Workshops Offered: 

  • Basic Auto-Mechanics: Facilitated by Holly Nelson, who worked in body shops for years, the participants learned how to change a flat tire, how to change their oil, jump-start the battery, and navigate their engine! 
  • Nutrition:  Facilitated by certified nutritionist and Prescott College instructor, Victoria Abel, teens and adults learned all about what they are putting in their bodies–even down to the nitty gritty. Participants learned the scary truth about artificial preservatives, the benefits of supplementing, and foods that give them optimal energy and health. 
  • The “F’ Word: Feminism, Women’s History and Social Change:  Facilitated by Prescott College faculty, Ellen Abell, a big group of teen gals and guys compared their lives with that of their grandmothers to make sense of the gains made in women’s rights and the battles still to come. 
  • Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World: We wanted to prove that it is actually possible to bake delicious cupcakes without using any animal products.
  • Consent 101: This workshop introduced participants to the practice of consent, which teaches partners how to communicate their wants and needs with each other.

All of WEB’s workshops are advertised on the Prescott Freeskool calendar, which offers a wealth of empowering workshops every month. Check them out at:

*Please contact us if you have suggestions, ideas and inspirations! We are always look for friends to attend and participate, as well as people in our community to facilitate workshops.