WEB 2015 is April 10-12!

This year’s WEB Conference is right around the corner! Get your registration form in ASAP. We have so much planned for you all and you don’t want to miss this year. On a somber note, since the new year WEB has sadly lost two of it’s members. Amber “Cricket” Harrington who volunteered for WEB for 3 1/2 years died on January 16th of this year. Kayla Mueller who came to WEB for several years as a high school student and volunteered for WEB when she was in college died this last February 6th. Both Cricket and Kayla were incredibly amazing human beings and it is our honor to celebrate them this year at The WEB Conference by offering several workshops that they would have loved. Cricket was an artist and a dancer and cared deeply about mental health and wellness, we will be offering workshops related to the performing arts, the visual arts, and emotional health, in honor of Cricket. Kayla loved song writing and she was deeply passionate about local and global service. In honor of Kayla we are offering a song writing workshop and several workshops that explore local and global humanitarian work. Along with these workshops we will be offering our usual infamous topics on everything from cooking, leadership, nutrition, fitness, pop culture, women in nature, understanding your body, financial literacy, circus arts, and the list goes on and on.

If you have any questions about this year’s conference, please don’t hesitate to call or email us. Call Courtney the director, at (928) 632-2996 or email us at womensempowerment@prescott.edu

See you soon!


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